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Ted Flowers made silver show saddles famous with his beautiful designs throughout much of last century.

Loon Creek Leather continues this tradition of excellence using original Ted Flowers silver dies and tooling to replace or repair your favorite saddle.


Creating a Loon Creek Leather silver saddle begins with a "Little Wonder" tree.  The average saddle comes with a 14-16 inch seat, 14x29 inch skirts, 10 inch fenders, 3-1/2 inch cantle and 14 inch swells, with black leather.

We then embellish the hand-worked, American, tanned leather with German silver spots made using original Ted Flowers dies.  Every new Loon Creek Leather custom Ted Flowers silver saddle will stop the show. There is simply no other who produces with the care and precision that goes into every one of our silver saddles.

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We attach each piece of silver ... one piece at a time ... by hand.  A single silver outfit may have fourteen hundred or more individual pieces of silver, and every piece is hand made right in our shop!



A single high-end Loon Creek custom saddle may require more than 100 hours of labor ... and that's just for carving the   leather design!

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