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There are saddles ... and then there are Loon Creek custom fit and hand-worked saddles.

What is the difference?
Quality ...
     Custom Fit ...
           Best Materials ...

There really is no comparison.


Saddles come in many varieties, materials, and qualities.  While we will make a saddle to any style you request, we will not compromise on the quality of the materials and workmanship we use.  Only the best American-tanned leather, saddle trees made by hand, and the finest hardware find its way onto a Loon Creek Leather saddle.

There is no need to worry about whether you will be happy with your Loon Creek Leather saddle.  Every Loon Creek Saddle must meet our intense scrutiny.  After years of creating custom saddles for individuals across this great nation, we are not easily satisfied!


Loon Creek Leather produces saddles for a variety of needs.  Our primary focus is on custom ranch saddles and Ted Flowers style silver saddles.

Of course, if you require a specialty saddle, including trick and parade styles, we have the experience and tooling to create a show-stopper design unique to you.   Please contact us with your desires and to discuss whether our schedule will accommodate your needs.



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