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Loon creek leather repairs damaged leather and most saddle accessories at very reasonable rates.

Whether you need stirrups, ground seat, tree or other repairs, give us a call or email us a picture and we will let you know when we can have it done.

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Okay.  This may possibly be the worst day of your life.  The competition was going great until your saddle broke, you slid off the left side of your horse, and face down into the mud ... directly in front of the judges' bench.  To top it off, when you finally catch up to your horse, you realize the custom silver saddle buckle you received from your great-grandmother has been lost somewhere during the episode.

At Loon Creek Leather, we never want to hear you have had this kind of day.  But if you do, rest assured we are here to help.  From pictures, we can often reproduce exact copies of lost and damaged saddle accessories.


Whether you need stirrups recovered, new wool, or just a  buckle for your headstall, give us a call.



We own several complete sets of original Ted Flowers silver dies to recreate exact replicas of your accessories.

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