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Loon Creek Leather produces saddles that fit you ... and your horse.

We prefer to fit you in person at our shop ... however, we can create a custom saddle from measurements and pictures of both you and your horse from various angles.  Our custom saddles are shipped anywhere in the USA.


Our custom saddles have just one main advantage ... they are better in every regard!

Trained stirrups
Hand-polished leather edges
All leather ground seat
Ergonomic design
Hand-built saddle trees
American-tanned leather

Every Loon Creek Leather saddle is custom made to order.  We don't stock saddles, and we don't mass produce.  You are assured you will not find another Loon Creek Leather saddle exactly like yours ... near or far.

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Custom saddles are what dreams are made of.  We all enjoy looking though the factory catalogs at all the types of saddle designs available.  It is the custom hand-made saddle, however, that makes riding a pure pleasure.

We take the time to custom fit your saddle to both you and your horse ... producing the perfect combination of comfort and practicality.  Of course, this doesn't mean others won't find your saddle usable ... it just means YOU may not even realize there are twenty-five or more pounds of leather beneath you.

Loon Creek Saddles are hand-worked to produce smooth edges, crisp details, and an ergonomic fit.  We utilize both mechanical and hand sewing, using only the strongest threads, to produce an award-winning product that will last for generations.



Saddles custom fit to you and your horse reduce sliding, friction, and other consequences of a standard factory saddle.

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